OneClickWonders LLP


Welcome to OneClickWonders. Our main site is still in the works. But feel free to browse our simple online portfolio.

We are a photography company focusing on producing quality photos for all occasions. We serve with a mindset that after your event, wedding etc. the hype and buzz will fade, but the photograph will last forever. As such, we strive to produce photos that would capture the moment and keep those memories alive. Our goal is for our photos to reach a balance of technical and artistic quality.

If you would like to collaborate with us, drop us an e-mail. We would be glad to explore the possibilities. Take care and thanks again for stopping by!

Daniel Ho
Chief Photographer
OneClickWonders LLP

Services provided:
Wedding/Pre-Wedding/ROM Photography
Overseas Wedding/Pre-Wedding/ROM Photography
Live print and projection photography.
Family Portraits
Fashion Portraits
Lifestyle Portraits
Corporate Portraits
Corporate Event/Roadshow Coverage
Music/Stage/Performance Photography


  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Corporate
  • Concerts
  • Sports
  • Photoshoot Assistance.


  • Photography
  • Music
  • Film.